Since the production equipment is designed using a modular component system, each unit can be individually expanded as desired. The equipment units rang from Option V (the smallest) to Option HCV (the largest), having a maximum filling capacity between 350 L/h and 1,500 L/h. The capacity depends, among other things, on the nature of the filled product (viscosity, foaming).

Standard Equipment Units 

The price of the equipment units offered includes the individual machine components and the know-how for the manufacture of the corresponding products from concentrates. Installation, electri-cal and construction work, as well as safety measures stipulated by the competent authorities, are not included in the price.

The filling line of the equipment units can be operated fully automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Bottle capping is done semi-automatically by means of a pneumatic cap-screwing machine. However, the various types of caps are not included. All official authorizations (such as e.g. Building License) are to be obtained by the client, who is also responsible for the implementation of all construction and electrical work.

If you wish to avail yourself of our experience upon installation and initial startup, we would be glad to offer you the services of our engineers and chemical experts at „starting-up costs“ to be negotiated with you.


Chemical plant and production facilities for a reasonable investment


This system is intended for production of household cleaners, personal cleaners, car-care products and industrial cleaners, in liquid form.

There are six Liquid options available with a

  • Storage capacity up to 10.000 liters
  • Mixing Capacity up to 4.000 liters
  • Production capacity up to 1500 – 1liter bottles /h
BEFA HCV (High Capacity Variant) Normal production rate: 1,500 – 1,600 l/hStorage capacity: 45,000 l Two-sided labeling for details: Option HCV – pdfOPTION I Normal production rate: 1,200 l/h Storage capacity: 30,000 l Two-sided labeling for details: Option I – pdfOPTION II Normal production rate: 1,200 l/h Storage capacity: 15,000 l One-sided labeling for details: Option II – pdf
 OPTION III Normal production rate: 1,200 l/h Storage capacity: 10,000 l One-sided labelingfor details: Option III – pdf OPTION IV Normal production rate: 600 to 700 l/h Storage capacity: 5,000 l One-sided labeling for details: Option IV – pdf OPTION V (Semiautomatic) Normal production rate: 300 to 400 l/h Storage capacity: 1,000 l/h Labeling with separate machine for details: Option V – pdf
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