Head Office:Vienna, Austria
Production site:Hadres, Austria

Short about BEFA:

Company BEFA was established already in 1976 in Austria.

BEFA has produced different chemical products for Industry and privat customers. Such like cleaners, detergents, car care products, antifreez , anti corrosion agents and others.

BEFA has established the production of machineries connected in the area of mixing, dosing, filling, labeling and further processing of the chemical ready-made products.

During last 45 years BEFA has build more then 40 different plants in 21 countries in:


BEFA carried out more than 40 plants in over 21 countries

Today BEFA can offer its customers complete „turn key“ solution s based on its expiriense and market knowladge. BEFA is able offer you the plants tailored spacial for your needs: high and low cost, new or used, full automated or semi automated. Contact us and we will support you to start you project or update your existing. BEFA can supply you with chemical raw materials and concentrates.

We offer you our worldwide expertise in setting up „turn-key“ projects that have been successfully implemented. So if you look for a way of starting a value-added business, we will be glad to offer you our services provided by our multilingual staff. We guide experts as well as beginners in the field of detergent production from the idea to the running production and beyond

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